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Electrical technology and Projects

We are a specialist in  Electrical engineering technology and Projects.  Kingdom butterfly (pty) LTD is a private company founded in 2018. We use the latest design packages and technologies available in the industry  to complete projects, with a focus on quality, costs  and cutting-edge solutions. Staff training and continuous professional development are an important part of our company culture to ensure that we continue to provide unrivaled services to our clients.

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Our Projects

Power systems

  • Back up systems  design, engineering and maintenance. Power generators, Solar systems installation.
  • Power supply and electrical installations, domestic and industrial
  • Electrical protection , testing and compliance certificates
  • Load management and efficiency optimisatio

Electronics and Digital Security Systems

  • Perimeter fence
  • Gates  and doors automation
  • CCTV cameras
  • Control room setup


Electrical Machines restoration and diagnosis

  • Electrical generators and motors such as in swiming pools, drainage system. 
  •  Electronic devices: Screens, TVs, Amplifiers, …

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